2019 HCAC Women's Cross Country Schedule

Date Teams Event Results Links Notes
Fri., Aug. 30 Anderson Kokomo, Ind. 3rd of 3
  Manchester North Manchester, Ind.  
  Earlham Wilmington, Ohio 3rd of 5
  Mount St. Joseph Wilmington, Ohio 5th of 5
Sat., Aug. 31 Franklin Shelbyville, Ind.  
  Hanover Shelbyville, Ind.  
  Bluffton Bluffton, Ohio 3rd of 4
  Defiance Bluffton, Ohio  
Fri., Sep. 06 Anderson Marion, Ind.  
Sat., Sep. 07 Franklin Hanover, Ind. 3rd of 6
  Hanover Hanover, Ind. 1st of 6
  Manchester Grand Rapids, Mich. 15th of 24
  Mount St. Joseph Hanover, Ind. 5th of 6
  Transylvania Hanover, Ind. 4th of 6
Sat., Sep. 14 Defiance Tiffin, Ohio No Team Score
  Bluffton Delaware, Ohio 6th of 9
  Earlham   8th of 9
Fri., Sep. 20 Anderson Upland, Ind. 8th of 8
  Manchester Upland, Ind. 6th of 10
  Mount St. Joseph Shelbyville, Ind.  
Sat., Sep. 21 Franklin Terre Haute, Ind. 18th of 20
  Hanover Terre Haute, Ind. 15th of 20
  Rose-Hulman Terre Haute, Ind. 17th of 20
  Transylvania Terre Haute, Ind. 19th 0f 20
Fri., Sep. 27 Rose-Hulman Decatur, Ill. 3rd of 8
Sat., Sep. 28 Bluffton Cedarville, Ohio 14th of 16
Sat., Oct. 05 Earlham Louisville, Ky. 34 of 37
  Hanover Louisville, Ky. 17 of 37
  Manchester Louisville, Ky. 21 of 37
  Mount St. Joseph Louisville, Ky. 37 of 37
  Transylvania Louisville, Ky. 36 of 37
  Franklin Louisville, Ky. 35 of 37
Fri., Oct. 11 Bluffton Wilmington, Ohio 17th of 33
  Mount St. Joseph Wilmington, Ohio 24th of 33
Sat., Oct. 12 Rose-Hulman Owensboro, Ky. 8th of 16
Fri., Oct. 18 Transylvania Muncie, Ind. 5th of 5
  Anderson Muncie, Ind. 4th of 5
Sat., Oct. 19 Earlham Oberlin, Ohio 32nd of 32
  Hanover Oberlin, Ohio 21st of 32
  Manchester Oberlin, Ohio 15th of 32
  Rose-Hulman Winneconne, Wis. 25th of 34
  Bluffton Oberlin, Ohio 7th of 25
  Defiance Oberlin, Ohio No Team Score
  Franklin College Oberlin, Ohio 15th of 25
Sat., Oct. 26 Mount St. Joseph Wilmore, Ky.  
Sun., Nov. 03 Transylvania Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Rose-Hulman Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Mount St. Joseph Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Manchester Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Hanover Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Anderson Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Franklin Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Earlham Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Bluffton Terre Haute, Ind.  
  Defiance Terre Haute, Ind.  
Sat., Nov. 16 Transylvania Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Mount St. Joseph Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Anderson Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Bluffton Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Defiance Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Earlham Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Franklin Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Hanover Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Manchester Grand Rapids, Mich.  
  Rose-Hulman Grand Rapids, Mich.