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2014-15 HCAC Calendar of Events


27 Athletic Trainers Meeting


6 Tennis Coaches Meeting

Preseason Football Poll Released
7 Preseason Volleyball Poll Released
12 Preseason Women's Soccer Poll Released
  Cross Country Coaches Meeting
13 Conference SID Meeting (NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis)
14 Preseason Men's Soccer Poll Released
25 Preseason Men's and Women's Cross Country Poll Released
26 Preseason Women's Tennis Poll Released


Baseball Coaches Meeting


HCAC Fall Meeting at Anderson University
8 Men's Basketball Coaches Meeting
11 Women's Golf Coaches Meeting
  HCAC Women's Golf Championship: Day 1 at Manchester
12 HCAC Women's Golf Championship: Day 2 at Manchester
  All-HCAC Women's Golf Team Announced
Women's Basketball Coaches Meeting
18-19 HCAC Women's Tennis Championship at West Indy Racquet Club
21 All-HCAC Women's Tennis Team Announced
28 Preseason Women's Basketball Poll Released
Preseason Men's Basketball Poll Released


HCAC Cross Country Championships at Earlham College
  All-HCAC Cross Country Teams Announced
4 HCAC Women's Soccer Semifinals at high seeds
HCAC Volleyball Championship Tournament Opening Round

HCAC Men's Soccer Semifinals at high seeds
HCAC Women's Soccer Championship at high seed
  HCAC Men's Soccer Championship at high seed
      HCAC Volleyball Championship Tournament Semifinals at high seed
HCAC Volleyball Championship Final at high seed
11 All-HCAC Women's Soccer Team Announced
  Fall HCAC President's Meeting
12 All-HCAC Volleyball Team Announced
13 All-HCAC Men's Soccer Team Announced
14 NCAA Volleyball Regionals Begin

NCAA Men's Soccer First Round
  NCAA Women's Soccer First Round
15 NCAA Cross Country Great Lakes Regionals
        NCAA Men's Soccer Second Round
  NCAA Women's Soccer Second Round
18 Football Coaches Meeting
All-HCAC Football Team Announced
21 NCAA Volleyball Final Eight Tournament Begins

NCAA Women's Soccer Sectionals Begin
  NCAA Men's Soccer Sectionals Begin
22 NCAA Football First Round
        NCAA Cross Country Finals
NCAA Football Second Round


Track & Field Coaches Meeting
Fall Academic All-HCAC Released
NCAA Women's Soccer Finals
  NCAA Men's Soccer Finals
  NCAA Football Quarterfinal
Softball Coaches Meeting
13 NCAA Football Semifinal
20 42nd Annual Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl in Salem, Virginia


16 HCAC Winter Meeting at NCAA Convention in Washington, D.C.
21 Preseason Indoor Track & Field Poll Released
22 Soccer Coaches Meeting
27 Preseason Baseball Poll Released
28 Preseason Softball Poll Released
Volleyball Coaches Meeting


Preseason Men's Tennis Poll Released
21 HCAC Indoor Track & Field Championships hosted by Rose-Hulman
24 All-HCAC Indoor Track & Field Team Announced
  HCAC Men's Basketball First Round at high seed
  HCAC Women's Basketball First Round at high seed
27 HCAC Men's Basketball Semifinals at conference champion
  HCAC Women's Basketball Semifinals at conference champion
28 HCAC Men's Basketball Final
  HCAC Women's Basketball Final


3 All-HCAC Men's Basketball Team Announced
4 All-HCAC Women's Basketball Team Announced
NCAA M/W Basketball First Round & Second Rounds
9 Football Coaches Meeting
13-14 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships

NCAA M/W Basketball Sectionals
17 Preseason Men's Track Poll Released
18 Preseason Women's Track Poll Released
20-21 NCAA M/W Basketball Finals
25 Winter Academic All-HCAC Released


9 Women's Basketball Coaches Meeting
15 Men's Golf Coaches Meeting
16 Men's Basketball Coaches Meeting
22 Spring HCAC President's Meeting
24 HCAC Track & Field Championships (Day 1) at Transylvania
25 HCAC Track & Field Championships (Day 2) at Transylvania
25-26 HCAC Men's Golf Championship Rounds 1 & 2 hosted by Transylvania
30 All-HCAC Track & Field Team Announced


1-2 HCAC Softball Tournament at high seed
2 HCAC Men's Golf Championship Round 3 hosted by Anderson

HCAC Men's Tennis Championship at West Indy Racquet Club (Hosted by MSJ)
HCAC Men's Golf Championship Final Round hosted by Anderson
  All-HCAC Men's Golf Team Announced
  HCAC Men's Tennis Championship at West Indy Racquet Club (Hosted by MSJ)
4 HCAC M/W All-Sport Points Release
5 All-HCAC Men's Tennis Team Announced
  HCAC Commissioner's Cup Release
6 All-HCAC Softball Team Announced
7-9 HCAC Baseball Tournament at high seed
8-10 NCAA Softball Regionals

NCAA Women's Tennis First and Second Rounds
  NCAA Men's Tennis First and Second Rounds
12 All-HCAC Baseball Team Announced
12-15 NCAA Men's Golf Championships
  NCAA Women's Golf Championships
13-17 NCAA Baseball Regionals
15-16 NCAA Softball Super Regionals
18 Spring Academic All-HCAC Released
20 HCAC Spring Meeting at Earlham College
21 NCAA Softball Finals Begin
18-23 NCAA Women's Tennis Finals
  NCAA Men's Tennis Finals
21-23 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
NCAA Baseball Finals