Tom Bohlsen Academic All-HCAC Fall Honorees Announced

Tom Bohlsen Academic All-HCAC Fall Honorees Announced

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference has announced the fall honorees for Tom Bohlsen Academic All-HCAC.  Academic All-Conference selections have at least a cumulative 3.5 GPA and are varsity athletes.  

The cumulative GPA is the student-athlete's GPA at the end of the semester preceding the end of the fall season. The student-athlete has completed the equivalent of a full academic year, full time enrolled, at the institution to be eligible for the Academic All-Conference award. 

The award is named after Tom Bohlsen, who served as the HCAC's first commissioner from 1998 to 2008. 

2018 Fall Honorees

Anderson   Jeremy Davis, Football   Sr.
    Dakota Frauhiger, Football   Sr.
    Triston Hart, Football   So.
    Elliott Murray, Football   Jr.
    Austin Pullins, Football   So.
    Kaid Hutchinson, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Ian Leatherman, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Clayton Wilson, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Sean Cain, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Wes Erny, Men's Soccer   So.
    Nick Martin, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Jacob Pokorski, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Race Willians, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Olivia Rice, Volleyball   So.
    Abby White, Volleyball   So.
    Rachel Harrison, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Bailey Wallace, Women's Cross Country   Jr.
    Tess Wise, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Michaela Schuld, Women's Golf   Sr.
    Emily Buchman, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Haleigh Ciampa, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Bailey Dornbusch, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Ashley Downs, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Courtney Maher, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Jessica McNeil, Women's Soccer   So.
    Danae Miller, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Sabrina Morrison, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Kelli Mueller, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Morgan Reed, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Emily Stout, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Abby Kirkman, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Mandy Meserve, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Claire Miller, Women's Tennis   So.
    Megan Moriarty, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Allison Newman, Women's Tennis   Jr.
Bluffton   Chelsey Taylor, Volleyball   So.
    Remi Bower, Volleyball   So.
    Makenzie Speakman, Volleyball   So.
    Casey Clark, Volleyball   Sr.
    Carley Lester, Volleyball   Jr.
    Courtney Zimpfer, Volleyball   Sr.
    Jessie Gibson, Volleyball   Sr.
    Jessica Lovell, Volleyball   So.
    Katie Kline, Volleyball   Jr.
    Erin Weisgarber, Volleyball   Sr.
    Alyssa Hornback, Volleyball   Sr.
    Sarah Heydinger, Volleyball   So.
    Cade McClellan, Football   So. 
    Isaac Paine, Football   So.
    Dylan Burkholder, Football   Jr.
    Patrick Spillman, Men's Soccer   So. 
    Dimitri Giakoumas, Men's Soccer   So.
    Joey Grega, Men's Soccer   So.
    Eric Bender, Men's Soccer   So.
    Connor Kaminicki, Men's Soccer   So.
    Colt McCabe, Men's Soccer   So.
    Aubrey Bartel, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Danielle Easterday, Women's Soccer   So.
    Lauryn Foster-Wheeler, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Skylar Liming, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Abigail Newkirk, Women's Soccer   So.
    Caroline Schutz, Women's Soccer   So.
    Sydney Staton, Women's Soccer   So.
    Sienna Sullivan, Women's Soccer   So.
    Tajah Upshaw, Women's Soccer   So.
    Hannah Wagner, Women's Soccer   So.
    Bailie Barrington, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Alexis Cash, Women's Cross Country   Jr.
    Kimberly Hetrick, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Jonah Eckert, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
    Dakota Frost, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Michael Lehman, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
    Joshua Ehlers, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
Defiance   Jordan Osborne, Football   Sr.
    Bennett Pack, Men's Soccer   So.
    Kenna Bell, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Olivia Fett, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Madi Bowman, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Malia Ferry, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Sarah Madaras, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Blake Newman, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Kat Wicher, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Chelsey Braunwart, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Hannah Hesterman, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Cayla Walker, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Morgan Porter, Volleyball   So.
    Marissa Windau, Volleyball   Sr.
Earlham   Yunjoo Shin, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Kathryn Hulleman, Women's Tennis   So.
    Jeffrey Douyere, Men's Soccer   So.
    Ryoji Fusegi, Men's Soccer   So.
    Padgett Gustavson, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Hannah Toresdahl, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Alex Breuhan, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
    Oliver Daniel, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Israel Ramos, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Ian Shriner, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Mairead Blatner, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Sophie Pickering, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Ana Sosa-Ebert, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Ashleigh Burton, Volleyball   Sr.
    Claire Cornwell, Volleyball   So.
    Megan Hedinger, Volleyball   Sr.
    Skylar Muckway, Volleyball   Sr.
    Rafaella Shima, Volleyball   So.
    Luke Brake, Football   So.
    Jordan Christian, Football   Jr.
    Joe Enwright, Football   Sr.
Franklin   Blaine Conners, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Matthew Anderson, Football   Jr.
    Avery Bundy, Football   So.
    Evan Deig, Football   Jr.
    Jacob Ferguson, Football   So.
    Charles Hill, Football   Sr.
    Ian Jenks, Football   Jr.
    John McKinney, Football   Jr.
    Colten Pipenger, Football   So.
    Matthew Powell, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Jordan Thomas, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Weston DeShon, Men's Soccer   So.
    Kelsey Bowling, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Grace Esterline, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Meghan Yencer, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Mackenzie Black, Women's Golf   So.
    Hannah Sharkey, Women's Golf   Sr.
    Olivia Fisher, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Maddie Fleet, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Baylee Giesting, Women's Soccer   So.
    Jacqueline List, Women's Soccer   So.
    Taylor Neely, Women's Soccer   So.
    Alexandra Short, Woemn's Soccer   Jr.
    Tapanga Gauck, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Brianna Hutton, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Alexa Schofner, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Kyndall Boyll, Volleyball   So.
    Abigail Sewll, Volleyball   So.
    Elisabeth Stahl, Volleyball   Sr.
    Mackenzie Waldran, Volleyball   So.
Hanover   Claire Dennis, Volleyball   Sr.
    Brynn Durecki, Volleyball   So.
    Amber Miller, Volleyball   So.
    Madie Snyder, Volleyball   Jr.
    Brandi Brock, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Abby Daley, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Cassidy Evanson, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Shannon Hawkins, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Abby Howes, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Lizzie Matchett, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Kayla Nowlin, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Alex Fabert, Football   Jr.
    Austin Gates, Football   Jr.
    Adam Grabert, Football   Jr.
    Kaleb Grabert, Football   Jr.
    Jacob Rugen, Football   Sr.
    Noah Wezensky, Football   So.
    Andrew Clegg, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Jacob Hedrick, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
    Hunter Guthrie, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Michael Kerr, Men's Soccer   So.
    Henry Simon, Men's Soccer   So.
    Aaron Stocksdale, Men's Soccer   So.
    Madison VanWinkle, Women's Cross Country   Jr.
    Skylar McMahon, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Emma Kate McMurtry, Women's Golf   So.
    Abbey Woodard, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Cami Jones, Women's Tennis   Jr.
    Lizzy Katzenberger, Women's Tennis   Jr.
    Caroline Millard, Women's Tennis   Jr.
Manchester   Karly Eichenauer, Women's Tennis   So.
    Samina Qureshi, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Jamie McBride, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Daniel Baker, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Lucas Fontanez, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Lauren Gandhi, Volleyball   So.
    Emily Bailey, Volleyball   Jr.
    Kaitlin Mindiola, Volleyball   Sr.
    Mackenzie Rooks, Volleyball   So.
    Matthew Roop, Men's Soccer                 Jr.
    Drake DeWitt, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Joshua Jordan, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Brandon Renninger, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Noah Tong, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Mason Cross, Men's Soccer   So.
    Joshua McCoy, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Jared Wondergem, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Samuel Tetteh-Quarshie, Men's Sonner   Sr.
    Caroline Smtih, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Sydnee Jensen, Women's Soccer   So.
    Isabella Zoog, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Cameron Holford, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Maranda Birmingham, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Haleigh Fernandez, Women's Golf   Sr.
    Nolan Sipe, Football   Jr.
Mount St. Joseph                 Maria Waters, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Luke Danis, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Benjamin Gray, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Roger Stark, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
    Kenneth Anderson, Football   So.
    Jonathan Finn, Football   So.
    Julius Fisher, Football   So.
    Alec Glines, Football   Sr.
    Raymond Groene, Football   Sr.
    David Guck, Football   Jr.
    Brady Moyers, Football   Sr.
    Bradley Murphy, Football   Sr.
    Patrick Murray, Football   So.
    Sean Sullivan, Football   Jr.
    Trevor Thome, Football   Jr.
    Isabella Olthaus, Women's Golf   So.
    Hanna Schorsch, Women's Golf   So.
    Emma Schrand, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Haylie Brown, Women's Soccer   So.
    Mary Dunseith, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Emma Roth, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Jamilee Sponaugle, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Justin Ives, Men's Soccer   So.
    Andrew Phelps, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Cailey Plemmons, Volleyball   Sr.
    Karlie Schell, Vollleyball   Jr.
Rose-Hulman   Sam Alvares, Men's Soccer   So.
    George Bulger, Men's Soccer   So.
    Connor Claussen, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Michel Farhat, Men's Soccer   Gr.
    Christopher Fusaro, Men's Soccer   So.
    Eric Kirby, Men's Soccer   So.
    Ross Klauer, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Brevin Lacy, Men's Soccer   So.
    Charles Lynch, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Michael Simmons, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Ryan Tarr, Men's Soccer   So.
    Aaron Lannoy, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Matthew Stevenot, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Sean Sullivan, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
    Jacob Untener, Men's Cross Country   Jr.
    Kevin Wuest, Men's Cross Country   Sr.
    Anne Boxeth, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Emily Dowden, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Patricia Giraldo, Women's Cross Country   So.
    Kally Morozin, Women's Cross Country   Sr.
    Mary Petersen, Women's Cross Country   Jr.
    Katie Demert, Women's Soccer   So.
    Kristin East, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Lauren London, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Maggie Sheerin, Women's Soccer   So.
    Maria Wohlsdorf, Women's Soccer   Jr.
    Adam Clark, Football   So.
    Hunter Crumly, Football   So.
    Derek Deimel, Football   Sr.
    Carter Hounshell, Football   Sr.
    Mitchell Kelley, Football   Sr.
    Kenny Kowalski, Football   Sr.
    Peyton Sakelaris, Football   So.
    Griffin Steffy, Football   Sr.
    Zach Watson, Football   Sr.
    Garrett Wight, Football   Jr.
    Beata Barati, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Naomi Bhagat, Women's Tennis   Jr.
    Kyla Jarvis, Women's Tennis   Jr.
    Betsy Richardson, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Linde Schaffer, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Anna Thompson, Women's Tennis   Jr.
    Grace Beach, Volleyball   So.
    Katryna Dahlberg, Volleyball   So.
    Gabrielle Gilbertson, Volleyball   Jr.
    Marissa Gollnick, Volleyball   Sr.
    Bailey MacInnis, Volleyball   Sr.
    Ashley Braaksma, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Caitlin Coverstone, Women's Golf   So.
    Lauren Conley, Women's Golf   So.
    Rebecca Su, Women's Golf   Jr.
Transylvania   Kearstin Bruther, Women's Tennis   Sr.
    Madison Campbell, Women's Tennis   So.
    Rachel Fine, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Rebecca Fine, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Lexie Lamar, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Emily Neat, Women's Golf   Jr.
    Jennifer Buckman, Volleyball   Sr.
    Alexis Schumann, Volleyball   So.
    Sarah Shivley, Volleyball   Jr.
    Hadley Trenaman, Volleyball   Jr.
    Drew Angel, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Garrett Dean, Men's Soccer   So.
    Caswell Fuller, Men's Soccer   Jr.
    Dane Heck, Men's Soccer   So.
    Luc Powell, Men's Soccer   So.
    Thomas Shellenberg, Men's Soccer   Sr.
    Gabby Prevost, Women's Soccer   Sr.
    Emilie Yates, Women's Soccer   So.
    Darrell Corn, Men's Cross Country   So.
    Allison Priebe, Women's Cross Country   So.